Group 3 The Red Hots








First we went to the Wind Cave National Park. While we were there we did a field investigation and saw a bull snake! We learned about the landscape and vegetation of the national park. After that we went to The Black Hills Geology Research Institution. We saw lots of big and small dinosaur bones as well as many fossils.  While there, we saw the famous T-Rex Stan. He was huge!!!! He is so popular because he is the 2nd most complete T-Rex in the world...and it was found right here in South Dakota! :)


After we finished our tour of the museum, we went back to the Wind Cave and actually went in. We ventured 200 feet underground (which equals 20 stories). The cave itself is 138 miles long...and we only walked through a mile and a half of it. So far, they have only mapped 5% of the entire cave. This makes it the 5th longest cave in the world! We learned what boxwork and cave popcorn was. Boxwork is what filled the cracks in the limestone. The cave popcorn is calcium mixed with water. At the end of the day we went for a well-deserved swim at Cascade Falls to cool off.  We also celebrated Levi Callaway's birthday after supper with yummy ice cream!