Tuesday Journal

Pink Camo Guys:






Casey R.


Michael T.


Hola from South Dakota! Today we went to the Missouri River Valley, Badlands National Park, and Buffalo National Grassland.  We are staying at the Hot Springs KOA. Today we learned about how the Missouri River Valley was formed. It was formed by water erosion from weathering. Then we went to the Badlands National Park.  We learned about how the huge rutted hills formed. They were formed by water erosion. Every time it rains, a little bit of the Badlands is washed away. We also learned that the red bands in the hills at the Badlands were caused by the ancient rivers high in iron content. It was so amazing standing on top of the huge formations.  We also learned that all the rocks and hills at the Badlands are sedimentary. Our last stop was at the Buffalo National Grasslands. There are lots of big hills that are similar to the hills at the Badlands.  The grasslands also used to be covered in glaciers.