Thursday's Journal

Group 4

Purple Pickles

Hanna, Erica, Jenny, Sierra, Caroline, Maggi, Shelby, Sadie, and Aspen


Hello, this is group 4.  Today we had a lot of fun again!  We visited Devil's Tower, Spearfish Canyon, Homesake Gold Mine, and MOUNT RUSHMORE!!  We learned what the word "quaquaversal" means.  Which is  a four sided formation that slopes away on all four sides!  Bet you didn't know that!


Devil's Tower: Devil's Tower is one of four hills created by an injection of magma into sedimentary rock.  From the base to the top it is 867 feet.  But, from the river to the top it is 1260 feet!  We walked around the whole thing which was over a mile!  We got to see the old ladder they used to get to the top during the earlier years of the tower.  And there was even some climbers half way up!


Spearfish Canyon: We drove through this canyon on our way to the Homesake Gold Mine.  The canyon is made of sedimentary rock. There were many really amazing things to see including waterfalls and many trees.


Homesake Gold Mine: The mine goes down extremely far.  We were standing on a deck and we could not see the bottom!  There was a intrusion, which was the color gold.  But most of the mine was red, brown and orange colored. The rock was metamorphic.


Mount Rushmore: The rock with the president's faces are granite, which is igneous. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roseivelt, and Abe Lincoln.