TTT: Timmy Turtle Team

Team Members:

Josh, Dylan, Jordan, Levi, Robert, Nathen, Casey A., Michaek W., Joey, Zakk, Timmy the Turtle

Monday's Journal

Today we observed different land forms between Parkers Prairie and Mitchell, South Dakota. We saw a wind turbine from the inside.  It was over 250ft tall with blades reaching 125 feet in length. We then went to Pipestone National Monument where we learned about the cultural significance of pipestone, how it was formed, and extracted from the earth.  We also learned what talus and crossbedding were and how it came to be.  Then we travelled to Devils Gulch and observed how weathering and erosion effects the rocks. We heard the legend of Jesse James and how he may have survived jumping the 15 foot gulch with his horse and was never seen again. We are at KOA Mitchell for the night.