Field Investigations Trip - 2011


James Vosburgh, 8th Grade Student: the trip was lots of fun. On the day that we traveled home I didn’t want to leave South Dakota. It was fun sitting in the front of the bus talking with Lee Schmidt about all the formations of
rocks rocks and types. I loved seeing the badlands and going into wind cave. The trip was amazing having a cool university student like Ryan Viola. He was awesome. Thanks Mrs. Schoeneck!!! I had a blast!!!

Sabrina Higley, 8th Grade Student: OMG!!! That was awesome! We did sooo much stuff! I learned so much my brain is going to explode!! I had a lot of fun with everyone! The counselors were so awesome! I’m going to miss every one of them sooooo much!!! I’m never going to forget this incredible week! 

Katie Cornish: This was the most amazing trip EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I learned so many things about geology, which will help me in the science career I hope to go into. We got some awesome chaperones, who were hilarious and fun. Thank you soooooooooooo much for this amazing experience Mrs. Schoeneck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Byron Herdman, UMM: This is my third time on this trip and my second time as an accompanying college student. I feel that in the nine years that this trip has been around, it has only gotten better with age. The ability to take students out of their element and reintroduce concepts they have learned, in THEIR natural world, is priceless. It was an experience of a lifetime when I went as an eighth grader and still holds true to that today. The last five days will be remembered by me as a time that I witnessed 33 kids, each very unique and diverse, come together as one unit to study and investigate the land they call home. Congratulations to all of their accomplishments now and in the future and THANK YOU to Marlene, Lee, Connie, the parent chaperones, my fellow university students, and the students for a wonderful week.

Sadie Carter, MSUM: Where to begin? This was my second time on this amazing experience for theses awesome 8th graders. I love the fact the students get to see and feel geology first hand on this field trip. This investigation field trip gets these students to think about geology in a whole new way. Geology is all around us, but it takes a bit of knowledge and understanding. Throughout this week the students had to ask questions to understand the geology of Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. It is amazing to see these students shine in the understanding of geology! Thank you to Marlene, Lee, Connie, all the parents, college students, and all the wonderful 8th graders for this amazing week! Marlene, thank you for letting me be part of this great experience!

Nancy Bunde (Parent Chaperone): This trip was a wonderful way to watch the kids learn, think and recall information. Students came up with answers to questions in creative ways. It was amazing. They should never look over a landscape again and not wonder about the rocks underneath.


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