Field Investigations Trip - 2011


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PP Student

I love this web site. -- Madelin

05/18/11 PP Teacher or Staff

Heard about this site from "that wonderful teacher "Mrs. Schoeneck". I am a paraprofessional in her classroom.
Again...I think this is such a wondeful experience for these students. Mrs. Schoeneck has worked very hard to make this Science Investigation Trip worthwhile for her students. The students learn how to work with each other, help each other and most of all learn by seeing different types of landscaping and how it has al come about. A BIG cheer for Mrs. Schoeneck!!! -- Bea

05/19/11 Parent I have really enjoyed being able to follow your trip day by day and see all of the exciting things you are learning about! Every morning I can't wait to see the new pictures and video. Thank you Mrs.Schoeneck and everyone that made this great trip possible. Kristi
05/20/11 PP Student I miss you Mrs. Schoeneck. Fred is making us work really hard. JK. -- Madelin
05/21/11 Parent Thank you Pam for keeping the web site up!!  It is great to be able to see pictures and read the journals daily!! -- David Bunde
05/21/11 Parent Looks like another successful learning experience.  Unfortunate that there was so much rain and a little snow to hamper some of the fun.  But it looks like everyone was able to charge thru and make the best of this great opportunity.  When I describe this trip to someone outside our community they are very impressed and awed and envious that our community supports such a great experience for our kids...let's keep it up!!!  Great job Mrs. Shoeneck and everyone involved!!!  Dave Bunde




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