Field Investigations Trip - 2010

Daily Journals

Late in the evening of each day (often in the wee hours), the group assigned to provide the daily journal
sends photos and the text for the journal. You'll see links appear in the table below as they are assembled
and uploaded to the site.

The Daily Journals and the PowerPoint files include the journal and photos from each day.
The slideshows are short movies showing the photos. The links under Videos are various extra videos.

Daily Journal
Monday Mon .pdf Mon Photos Miranda PowerPoint
Tuesday Tue .pdf Tue Photos

The Slide
The Snake

Wednesday Wed .pdf Wed Photos   PowerPoint
Thursday Thur .pdf Thur Photos Swimming PowerPoint
Friday Fri. pdf Fri. Photos

Have Patience

Zippity Doo Da


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Free Adobe Acrobat Reader (for reading .pdf files)

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