Field Investigations Trip - 2010


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This is my 3rd child on the trip. An absolute wonderful way for us here at home to see how the trip is going and to keep in touch, thank you! - Lorrie Pomerant

  Parent Hello, 8th graders and all others on the trip, hope all is well. We are all anxiously awaiting to hear and see about your first day. Hey Spencer I miss you, so does Abby! - Lorrie Pomerant
5/18 Parent The web site looks GREAT again this year! I'm so glad students were able up get the daily journal posted last night. We'll happily continue following the 8th graders this year!!
  PP Teacher Great job on the slideshow!! It looks like the weather is cooperating and all is well in South Dakota. I can't wait to hear about your experiences upon your return. In Education, C. J. Wenker
5/19 Parent What a great website to let us all back home know how our kids are doing. Looks like the weather is great for you all and alot of amazing things to see. Would love to see more pictures taken and want to tell Brady that we all miss him back home. Nathan wants his brady to come home now, he bought you an icecream pushup to save for you! Love ya son!
  PP Teacher This website is so nice for all of us to see what the 8th grade is up to. That mine was cool, huh? I saw it for the first time last year. Did anyone pan for gold? Hope the weather cooperates the rest of the trip. I could have done without seeing the snake pics!! Ewww!! Have fun and learn lots! - Ms. Boutain
  Parent Looks like all of you are having lots of fun. I hope all the chaperones get time off when you return:) I think Dylan will probably sleep all day on Saturday? This is amazing and I'm glad all my kids were able to attend! - Jennifer Pullins
5/22 Parent I was a chaperone this year so this is the first I have looked this week (sat. morning) This is a great web site!!  Thank you Pam for doing this so well and for keeping up on it during the week so other's can follow our progress!!!  Great job!! - Dave Bunde
5/23 Other Chaparone, cook, and parent on the trip. Fantastic job!  The site is very user friendly. I would have preferred to be able to scroll through the week vs clicking each day but it works just fine the way it is set up. - Karie Eide
  Other Chaparone, cook, and parent on the trip. This was my first time on the trip - one word describes my experience... AWESOME!  I absolutely enjoyed the whole trip, mainly because I did not see any snakes other than in pictures!!  The teamwork between the students was incredible, watching them help each other and apply what they had learned through the year to their investigations and observations was beyond belief - we have some really smart kids! (I learned a LOT too!)
This trip was a huge success because of the careful planning of Mrs. Schoeneck and Lee - great job!! Lots of stuff PACKED into 4 days, I am glad I took notes on what we did and saw! Thank you to Uncle Dave and all the chaparones and the brilliant college students - especially Nika (she was in my group) I would not have been able to make it through it without you!!
** They said we would loose weight on this trip but that was before Andrea and I made the menu!! Ha Ha! We ate very well! (although I doubt I will be eating a sandwich any time soon) Thank you to the parents who sent along the cookies and bars, we had lots of goodies to eat during the day and after supper!  I may have even gained a couple pounds on the trip! - Karie Eide

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