Field Investigations Trip - 2009


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05/12/09 Joyce Arnold What a great way for those of us not there to get a little piece of how truely amazing this trip is, a learning opportunity they will never forget!
  Byron Herdman I hope you guys are having as much fun as it shows you are. It's a blast isn't it? Get as much out of it as you can because it only comes around once. I'll be looking forward to more journal entries and pictures. Have a great time and don't torture Mrs. Schoeneck too much.
  Mrs. Wenker The first journal entry was great! Everyone looks like they are having fun and learning a great deal. Keep up the great work and see you in a few days.
  Bea I think this is a wonderful website for faculty, students and the community to see what this science trip is all about. Marlene has always worked hard to make this trip a BIG success. I feel she has done that and more. I do hope that this will continue from year to year. It gives the students the experience to work with other classmates and learn more about our natural environment. Thank you, Marlene!
  Linda Hager Everyone looks to be having a great time! The pictures are great and I can't wait to hear all about Tuesday's activities.
5/13/09 Deone Horton It looks like the students are having so much fun! My husband and I helped chaperone last years trip...what an awesome learning experience for the students. Thank you, Mrs. Schoeneck, for giving our kids this special opportunity.
5/14/09 Shirley Thompson Excellent! Thank you for having this method for us to keep up with the day to day happenings of the trip. It is great to follow your journey. Thanks! I love the pictures.
  Mrs. Foley The website looks great! I especially like the way groups of students are taking turns journaling for the site.
  Irmadene Knudson I think it's great ... couldn't be better! Thank you for doing this, it's fun to see what they are doing!
5/17/09 Lorrie Pomeranz I think it all is great, (only 1 thing, sometimes its hard to wait to see the days pictures and jounals)!
  Lorrie Pomeranz After reading Marlene's last entry, she certainly did put it pretty much into words. I've been on this trip before and it is amazing! every bit. I sure hope this is going to continue for years to come.It really touches these kids and it sticks to some of them for a long time. Thank You for all you do to make this happen, Marlene. Not many devote SO much time and energy now a days.
5/19/09 Samantha Hemmerlin (SCSU Student) This is such a great trip!!!! This was my third time on this same trip and it never gets old!!!! I just wanted to THANK the Parents for allowing their children to experience this trip!!!! You all have GREAT kids and should be very PROUD of them!!!! They learned alot and never wanted to stop!!!!
5/21/09 Cassie Kramer (Past college student - from previous trips) I am glad that I was able to follow your trip while you were out there. I wish I could have gone again. I hope that everyone had a great time. It certainly looks like it from your journals and pictures.

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