Wednesday Journal

LaDeanna, Ellen, Becky, Jessica, Madison,
Courtney, Amelia, Dana, Brittany,
& Brenna

we CAN lift this
We CAN lift this!

We woke up this morning, had cereal and packed up the bus. After breakfast we started the three and one half hour long drive to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. When we got to the border, it started to snow, and we couldn’t find the papers for the port of entry!

On the way to Devil’s Tower, somebody found cookies and Alec Alberts ate 14 of the 36 cookies! When we arrived at Devil’s Tower, we ate lunch and put on our emergency ponchos. Then we started out on the one mile trek around Devil’s Tower.  As we walked around the Tower, we found evidence of talus, and found out the rocks were igneous. When we got back we went to the gift shop, where AJ bought hot sauce that later some attempted to eat!!!!

After that we drove through Spearfish Canyon, and picked out our dream houses (while observing the landscape). When we got through, we went to the Homestake Gold Mine, where we found that the rocks were metamorphic due to folding and compression.

Then we drove to the awesome sight of Mount Rushmore, which is amazing even though it’s not completed.  When we got done observing Mount Rushmore, we went to the gift shop where Jessica and LaDeanna almost missed the bus. On the way back, we drove on a ridiculously curving road that went uphill.  We think our GPS would try and convince us to drive off a cliff!  We got delayed, so we ended up eating spaghetti at ten thirty at night. Then everyone ended up sleeping in a cabin and getting 5 hours of sleep, making everyone enthused for the next day!

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