Tuesday Journal
Brendon, Trent, Zach, Shawn, AJ, Dyllon, Danny, Jason, Ty

 Group Presentation
Group Presentation

We woke up and we took down camp, ate rolls for breakfast, then we got on the bus and went to the Chamberlain rest stop. We took observations of the Missouri river valley and then compared it to Devils Gulch.  The quartzite at Devils Gulch makes the river valley narrower than the Missouri river valley with Pierre shale. Then we went to the Badlands National Park and took observations. Then we did experiments on were the vegetation grows. We found grass grows on flatter ground, also in the ravines and on the hill tops. We had fun exploring around ravines and in them. Then we went to the Buffalo National Grasslands, and had to match rocks and imagine what it looked like 10,000 years ago. After we did that we slid down on big dirt and rock hills.

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