Monday Journal
Brianna H, Nicole G, Tyler S, Dominic B, Mark H, Alex T, Taylor S, Dakotah R, & Hunter A., Barb M.

  Camo Group

Today we started off really EARLY!!! Loading the bus was very quick. It didn’t take very long. It took us about 3 hours to get to our first stop.  But along the way everybody seemed to be occupied by some sort of game or device (cell phones, I-pods). Our first stop was Lake Benton to see the Wind Energy towers. They were HUGE!!!! There were more than 800 of them surrounding the area. They were 250 ft tall  and the blades were 130 ft long. WOW!! After that we loaded the bus drove to Pipestone Monument where we started learning about cross bedded rock and about pipestone, which the Indians used for many centuries. At pipestone they burned the prairie grass which restricted us from many of the trails that we had planned to go on. After that we drove all the way to Devil’s Gulch, SD where we learned about the history of Jesse James and explored the rocks of the 120 ft tall gulch. Then we drove to our campsite that’s called Mitchell KOA. We got our bags and tents unpacked out of the bus and started setting them all up. That didn’t take us very long. Some of us even had time to shower. After we got our tents set up it was time to EAT!! We had very delicious tacos in a bag! Now that we are all finished eating, we are all just hanging out. We are playing some football, volleyball, riding bike, and playing catch. Soon we’re going to set up a fire and sing songs with Dominic’s guitar. After that is quiet hours. We are all definitely looking forward to the rest of the trip!


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