Field Investigations Trip - 2008


"On this trip, what I really liked was knowing that all those teachers and parents really wanted to actually be with us for a week and putting up with us. The second thing I really liked was being with my friends and getting to know others that I really never hung out with before."

"My favorite part was the whole thing, especially the teachers, UMM students, and chaperones. The whole trip was fun. Every day had its high points. I thank you for a great trip!"

"This week was one of the best learning experiences of my life. Everything about this trip was magical! I am glad we all could experience this together!"

"This trip was one of the best trips and experiences of my life.  I will forever remember it.  It gave everyone a chance to become closer friends and really unite as a class.  I think this trip changed many people. We also discovered how to work together, cooperate, and help out with camp duties.  Best of all were the university students.  They really showed us some neat stuff and are great to play cards with!"

"I was able to learn new things and see how the land formations changed from Parkers Prairie all the way to Devils Tower in Wyoming!"

"This trip was probably the greatest experience of my life, and I am not just saying that to impress people back home in Minnesota.  This really was one of the most life-changing experiences that I have been through.  The trip allowed me to grow and stretch outside of my comfort zone in order to encourage small group discussion.  I learned so much about myself as an individual this week. The trip allowed me to meet awesome students from other colleges and loving, patient parents.  The trip was so much more than studying geology; it was about meeting new friends.  Peter would be proud of all the hard work that went into planning and facilitating the trip.  This trip, in my opinion, should become a tradition, one that would hopefully spread to other high schools in the state.  These eighth graders, whether they are aware of it or not, are some of the luckiest students around.  I am a geology student and envious that my middle school didn’t do a field trip like this for my eighth grade earth science class."

"This is my second time on the trip and I am always amazed at the high-level thinking that takes place in these students.  They are so actively engaged in their learning; thinking about how each landform was formed, and what evidence backs up their idea. They have so much fun, and their wit and charm is in a category all its own.  In my education classes, we talk about intrinsic motivation and self-directed learners.  I saw that first-hand on this trip. So many of them wanted to learn about what they are looking at for their own personal growth and pleasure, not because of a grade.  It is an experience that will stick with me forever, and has helped me to grow as a science teacher."

"This trip was great all around. From day 1 to day 5 we grew as individuals and as a class. It was magnificent. We’re all closer now. It was an experience that made memories and we brought them back. It was a step for our class."


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