Field Investigations Trip - 2008


Technical Difficulties

Wednesday, May 14th: Mrs. Schoeneck called me early Wednesday morning to let me know that they had encountered technical problems -- couldn't get a reliable connection to the Internet -- at the Badlands. They were just leaving the Badlands when she reached me, and said that they would try to get online enroute today. Please check back later today or this evening to see Tuesday's Journal and photos. I was promised an interesting story about "Uncle Dave" -- their bus driver!

Also, read the feedback that has been arriving from friends and parents.


Report from the Waffle Feed (03/31/08)

Monday night's waffle feed served about 413 people and earned $890. 


Gearing Up for This Year's Trip (04/14//08)

Greetings Troops,

We are under 1 month from the start of the great 8th grade field investigation adventure for 2008! I hope all of you are psyched for a life-invigorating experience! Woo-Hoo!

Barring any major changes, we have all of the necessary funds to pull this trip off once again. This year, because we have a small class, we are going to squeeze onto one charter bus (chauffeured by our famous and wonderful Uncle Dave! Dave has put up with us for 5 of the 6 years of the trip!), so I hope all of you love togetherness! There will be a few extra seats, but not many!

Peter Whelan Memorial Dance (05/2/08)

Byron Herdman, a PPHS Junior, who never had the privilege of meeting Peter, wanted to do something to help keep his memory alive. With no benefit to himself, he made all the arrangements for a fund-raising raffle and dance in Peter's memory and for the benefit of this year's 8th grade class. Raffle prizes were all donated by area businesses and individuals and will be awarded at the dance May 2nd. Thanks to the Student Council also who agreed to pay for the love band, "Bomb the Day."




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