Field Investigations Trip - 2008


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Mon. 5/12 Parent This is an excellent site. It is great to keep in touch with our kids as they go on this great journey. Hi Heather! Hope you're enjoying, but learning at the same time! This will be a trip you will remember for a lifetime! We miss you! -- Kim Moske
  Parent What a great way to follow the class and see first hand what they are all learning about each & every day. -- Anne Koep
  Parent I love being able to see the pictures and read what they are learning. Natalie you look like you are having fun. Please take it all in. This is something you will never forget. I still look at your brother's trip from 2003. It is so quiet at home. We miss you. Call me some evening. Love Mom -- Ann Thoennes
Tue. 5/13 Family Happy 14th Birthday Aaron! We hope your having a Great time! Love Austin & Mom
  Parent It is awesome that the community can keep updated on the adventures of the 8th grade class! Thank you for your TERRIFIC website; it is very easy to move from one link to another and well-organized. I am so impressed of the time put towards this event by everyone involved. -- Stephi Laudenbach
  Parent Great web site, it's nice to see what the kids are doing and learning. -- Kris Ruckheim
  Family Hey squirt, hope you're having fun!! We miss you!! Love ya, Dad & Kris
  Family Likkeee OMG! Sara and Katie and all you other amazing peoples! How's it going!? I just wanted to say I miss you all and I hope you're having a blast! I'm totally stoked for the next set of pictures and stuff lol Oh, and Hey Mrs. Schoeneck! Love you guys! -- Trina
Wed. 5/14 Parent This is very nice and fun to see what the kids have been doing every day. You all are a lucky bunch to be able to go on a trip like this. Thank you to Mrs. Schoeneck and the volunteers who make this possible. Enjoy your trip!!! have a good time Dillon) -- Shawn Quick
  Parent of SCSU student, Samantha Congratulations Marlene for keeping Peter's dreams alive and giving these kids the opportuntiy to have these experiences. What a great educational experience. But where did time go? Samantha's class was the first 8th grade class that went on the SD Trip and her dad was a chaperone. Now Samantha is a chaperone 6 years later as a SCSU student. She has memories of Peter and the original trip that she will never forget. Remember the Rock Hammer from Peter? 50 pounds of rocks she brought home and going through each one on the kitchen table and identifying what it was and where it was found and then she polished them for months? I only hope the 8th graders gain what she did and experience and appreciate the opportunities that Parkers School District has made available and the sponsors and teachers that have made it happen. Have a great time and enjoy every part kids! We're proud of you Sam! Great Job Marlene! Keep Peter's memory alive! -- Love, Mom and Dad
  Parent It sounds like you're all having a Fantastic Time. Enjoy every minute! Other than a few reception problems. Heard you now have a new Scout. Wyatt pretty good at climbing tree's?? Watch out for them Birds. Sounds like Uncle Dave is a fun guy. Now if we could have only done something like this, instead of cleaning snake & rat cages. I guess they were hands on learning experiences too, but nothing like the ones you all are having. Thanks again to all who made this trip possible. You are all Very Lucky! Aaron does any of your suroundings bring back memories, from when you were 14 months old? -- Love, Mom,Dad,& Austin. -- Anne Koep
Thurs. 5/15 Parent This is great! Looks like you all are having a great time! Looking forward to seeing you friday night Heather!. Savor each moment, this is one of thoise things that will stay in your heart forever! We miss you! Thank you to all who are involved in making this trip possible!! -- Jennifer Pullins
  Parent So Nobodies had to be sent home to Polka Music Yet? We are waiting to see a video with you All Dancing the Polka especially for Connie Wenker. Or Maybe you could sing a song for her. Being You've all been so Good,I'm sure she would Love to hear from you All.None of you are tired yet are you? Stay warm & enjoy your last day! Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie, who's not ready holler I. -- Anne Koep
  Family i love you natalie from bella i love you and miss you to nat its been 6 years since i went on that trip i just hope you're having as much fun as i did when we went these are all memories that you will never forget love eric, Hey Nat hope you're having fun! I can't wait to see you tomorrow and i hope you are keeping warm haha! love katie! love your family -- Eric and Isabella Thoennes
  PP Teacher I think it is a well thought out trip. I feel Marlene has done a wonderful job to help the eighth grade students understand about erosion, beauty of the different minerals, rocks etc. I enjoy working in her class. I feel the students learn so much more with hands on teaching rather than books. Thank you Marlene!! -- Bea Skoglund
Fri. 5/16 8th Grader !!!!!THAT TRIP WAS AWESOME!!!!! -- Aaron Koep
  Parent Hey squirt, hope you're having fun!! We miss you!! Love ya, Dad & Kris
Sat. 5/17 8th Grader That was the best trip for school I have ever had. -- Zach
  Parent I just had to say that they returned smiling and safe! I can't believe how much information Katie retained! She explained how some of the caves were formed and what faults were; I have learned from her experiences! She also said that field learning is the best way to truly understand geology. THANK YOU Mrs. Schoeneck, Uncle Dave, parents, college kids, Lee, EVERYONE!!!!! -- Stephi Laudenbach



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