Field Investigations Trip - 2007


Report from the Waffle Feed (03/31/07)

Monday night's waffle feed brought in over 400 people and $1026.  We had planned for about 250 people, as last year we sold 200 plates.  I had parents all over buying up juice and milk!  In addition, one of the parents put together a silent auction which added about $560 of income, with more still to arrive.  The kids also received two $2000 donations - one from a parent's mother's foundation and the other from the local sportsmens club.  We are good to go!

Fundraising News (03/21/07)

Things are looking a bit brighter in terms of funds.  We sat at needing $7,000 for some time. Updates regarding funds collected at the waffle feed and donations will be forthcoming.

Team News (03/21/07)

We may have St. John's University professor Larry Davis along as both geologist and cook.  Larry is waiting to see if he will be teaching summer school that week.  Lee and I can both attest to his gourmet cooking with Dutch ovens in the field!  I have heard from some past trippin' MSUM students - Cassie, Mike, Justin and Natalie, that they have an interest in going along this year!  Way cool!

Gearing Up for This Year's Trip (03/19/07)

Greetings Troops, The 2007 Field Investigation Trip is less than two months away!  I am not sure how that happened - school just started, didn't it? Regardless, I thought it was time for some updates on both ends. Monday, March 26th, will be a busy kick-off night locally.  We will have a Belgian Waffle Feed fundraiser from 4-7 p.m. and a parent/student meeting at 7:30.





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