Field Investigations Trip - 2007


Mon, May 14 Parent I'm the Business Director for the Brainerd School District.  I just read your itinerary and thought I would let you know that our school district is planning to construct two wind turbines in SW Minnesota to generate electric for the district's electrical useage.  But I've never actually seen the wind farms in SW MN.  So you probably know more about what they look like than I do!
Hi Trina!!
Tue, May 15 Friend I've been apart of the trip for two years and am quite familiar. I send my BGSU students to this site every semester to write a critique on it for my Educational Psychology Class. This trip is looking as wonderful as the last ones...I look forward to all the adventures written in the journals...Enjoy a trip of a lifetime everyone! -- Beth
  Parent WOW!! It looks GREAT! Easy to move through. With one day down, everything looks to be going smoothly! Nice Job!! Thanks Marlene and Pam!
  Parent Excellent site for keeping up with everyone & everything from a distance! I get a real-time phone call each evening from my wife and son, but viewing the website with the pictures and getting the kids perspective of the day is really cool and informative! Great job Pam!! Look forward to Wednesdays adventures!! If there was one enhancement that could be done, a longer video (30-60 seconds) of the kids in there group stating there name, etc......Take care! S
Wed, May 16 PP Teacher or Staff I think the website is awesome and very informative about what the students are doing, learning and also shows how the students can work with each other. I do miss the kids. I do hope the student realize that Mrs. Schoeneck is a wonderful teacher and I enjoy working in her class. - Mrs. B
  PP Student Hey how are you? This is Cody. Hi.
  Parent Hey gang, Really cool pictures and good journaling. Keep on having fun and learning all you can!!! Wish I was there with you except I don't like snakes!! - David Bunde
  Parent Hey Katrina, the daycare kids miss you.
Thur, May 17 Other family Always a great idea to get the kids out of the classroom to experience the wonders of nature! I commend the parents and teachers who planned and took part in this trip. It's also very neat to see the pictures each day. Hi Trina!
  Brother hey sis hope you are having fun its quiet at home thank god ha ha just wait until you see your room. see ya katrina z
  Great-Aunt Heard about from CJ's Mom. I love following their adventures. What a great time they must be having. The site is a great idea, it helps us share in what they are seeing and doing. Site is great, I only had problems with the video clips. They came up as computer signs. Photo's were fine. Kids are keeping track of what they are doing, it's very interesting and newsy.



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