Wednesday Journal

May 16, 2007


Group 3

Janessa, Sam, Marie, Devin, Matt Gappa, Ruth, Angie, Laura, Amber, Amanda

  group at base of Devil's Tower

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          Devil’s Tower


After a 3 and 1\2 hour bus ride we arrived at Devil’s Tower.  First we took a group photo.  Then the next thing we did was looked at the talus, or fallen rock.  The talus was a gray color with chunky crystals and little rocks.  The talus had fallen at least 1,000 feet from the top.  Then we hiked up to an over look where you could see a valley with sedimentary rocks.  You could also look through binoculars and see a ladder on the side of the tower that a woman built.  It went from the top of the tower down.  Some of us saw a snake…yes another one!  The hike was 1.3 miles long around the tower.


       Spearfish Canyon


We drove through spearfish canyon and saw sedimentary rocks, and a beautiful waterfall.  The rocks were yellow and really big.  One of the buses almost hit a goat, and the other bus got hit by a golf ball. 


       Homestake Gold Mine


Then after a hour and a half hour we arrived at the gold mine.  Here we saw the inside of a mountain.  You also had the chance to buy black hills gold jewelry, which is very pretty.


       Mt. Rushmore


This trip took a little longer because we got caught in road construction.  Finally we arrived we saw Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Teddy Roosevelt.  Some of us saw White Mountain goats and sheep too! Then we headed off to our camp, KOA, pitched our tent and had a good supper of sloppy Joe’s, and pudding.