Tuesday Journal

May 15, 2007

Group 2

Sam Bettermann, Jimmy Cornish, Katrina Dickinson, Josh Horlocker, Brady LaVan,
Brett LaVan, Jordan Lee, Rachel Kolle, Ryan Peppersack, Trey Thompson


Students Working in the Badlands
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First stop: Chamberlain Rest Stop, where we saw the Missouri River Valley. We believe it was formed by water erosion. Our evidence is even sides and lots of trees and hills.


Second stop: Badlands National Park, where we saw the cliffs and Wall of the Badlands. It was a vast expanse. When we were looking over the edge of the Badlands, we felt small compared to this huge landscape.


Third stop: On Door Trail, where we went on the boardwalk of Badlands. We sat on the big hills while we took observations of the soil and landscape. We also observed the plants and came up with a hypothesis about why they donít grow in certain places, and why they grow in other places.


Fourth stop: Buffalo National Grasslands, where we saw a bull snake and we slid down the hills. We gathered rocks and compared them with other peopleís rocks, to see the comparison. This is where we all slid down the massive rocky hills and had a good time. Then we finally made it to camp where we ate and set up our tents.


It has been a lovely day. The weather is good, the wind has died, and the sun is setting. See you soon! We had a great day!