Thursday Journal

May 17, 2007


Seth Bercier, Jakki Sjobeck, Sam Steidl, Bethany Westerberg, Jon Weibye, Kevin Hahn, Josh Martinson, Katrina Zimmerman, Shauna Fyhrie, Shawna Weaver, and Krystal Chermak


 dinosaur museum

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Today we went to the Wind Cave in South Dakota, we were guided by a ranger named Marvin. He took us around the different elevations of the land, and described different rock layers such as: Sandstone, Shale, and Limestone. With this information we learned how the cave was formed. We took a tour in the cave and went down about 200ft under the earth’s surface. As we went further down it became cooler, moist, and many different kinds of rock formations. We also saw glow in the dark dye that is used to see how the surface water flows into the cave, and what effects it shows as pollutants getting into our ground water.

       Today we also went to the Black Hills Geological Institute where we saw many different types of prehistoric fossils such as: dinosaur bones, vegetation, shells, eggs, rocks, fish, and the largest sea turtle ever! Neal Larson, our host, took us into their work area and showed us the first ever intact dinosaur skin found in history as of today. We were the first to see the actual skin itself without it being publicized. And Neal said “fossils are sexy”!

Then we traveled to Cascade Falls which is known as a hot spring. Some of the kids went there and found out that it wasn’t so hot. The water was extremely cold, although it was fun.

After the long learning experience we came back to camp and ate supper and enjoyed the rest of the evening. We thought the places we went today were fun, interesting, and a great learning experience. We hope future eighth graders will enjoy the experiences we had.


Have a good evening,

“The Black Team”