Monday Journal

May 14, 2007


Dillon Anderson, Kevin Bunde, CJ Jahnke,

Mark Koep, Chad Knapp, Dylan Lewis, Aaron Peterson, Austin Samuelson,
Jeremy Schwartz, Travis Tomford

Group 1


studying quartzite
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Today we went to Lake Benton and we learned about wind turbines.  We were lucky to see all the wind turbines. We saw the biggest one, named Herby, it has 130 ft blades and it is 250 ft tall.


Then we visited Pipestone National Monument. It was full of huge boulders and pipestone. We saw a waterfall. We learned about cross-bedding.  


Next we went to Devils Gulch where Jesse James jumped with his horse over the gulch. While we were there we saw a bull snake. We saw two waterfalls while we were there. 


The falls were created by the water that was moving down a little stream like a creek.  It eroded away at the rock’s edges. Some parts eroded faster than others. A few of us went into a waterfall where the source had dried up and was now just a dry steep cliff that we could get into and take pictures. (Aaron Peterson)


We made it back to camp safely.  We leave for Badlands National Park at 8:00 a.m.


        Group 1 has had a great day! Everyone enjoyed exploring at all of our stops.