Our 2006 Crew

It takes a lot of planning, coordinating, and organizing to put together an experience such as this. Without the help of parents, the backing of the school, the community involvement, the sponsors, and everyone you'll see on this page, this trip could not take place.

Marlene Schoeneck (pink shirt), Parkers Prairie High School - shown with students (front L-R): Ayla R., Marlene, Nancy I., Alayna B.; (back L-R): Colin H., Jason A..

Lee Schmitt, Hamline University

Andy ShiremanAndy Shireman, University of Minnesota, Duluth

Pam Gades, University of Minnesota, Morris (Web Site)

MSU student Rachel WerkMinnesota State University, Moorhead (from left to right: Natalie Lehner, Justin McFadden, Cassie Kramer, Melissa Radniecki, Micki Ecklund, and Mike Entzminger (front). Jennie Mounsdon is missing from the photo.

drivers Steve and DaveMinn-Dakota Coaches: Steve Olson and Dave Mansfield

Parent Chaperones:

Bob Harris
Steve LaVan
Bill Wiersma
Kathy and Tim Jansen
Sharon Klimek
Dee Sjobeck
Viola Dorn

Camp Cook:

Karen Christiansen