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Monday, May 15 PP Student

Hey guys I hope you are all having fun!! Be good and remember that Peter is watching!! This is a wonderful site. It keeps everyone back at home on the same page as the kids in S.D.
-- Samantha Hemmerlin

Monday, May 15 Parents Hey, just wanted to let everone know that we are thinking about all of you and hope you had a fun time checking out the wind generators today. This will be an awesome experience for everyone. We are patiently waiting to hear about your day on the daily journal when it get's posted. We wish we could be there with you. Peter, Copper misses you and so do we.
Monday, May 15 PP Teacher/Staff Marlene sent the link to us. This is awesome! I really enjoy the pictures and the fact that the students are combining technology with this fantastic trip.
Tuesday, May 16 UMM Student Sounds like the trip is progressing smoothly! The 8th graders are very lucky to have such a good teacher guiding them on this magical and magnificent journey! Have fun at your remaining destinations! -- Dustin Olson
Tuesday, May 16 Family Member Just wanted to tell the baseball team members that we are now 13-0, we beat Pillager 16-5!
Wed., May 17 PP Student Hey, wut is up? - Sam Bettermann
Wed., May 17 Parent Just wanted to say hi! What an amazing trip! From the pictures - it looks like your having a great time, plus beautiful weather! We miss you Daniel, looking forward to you coming home, but until then, enjoy each and every minute! Missing you - Mom & Dad and the girls.
Thur., May 18 PP Teacher/Staff Great job, as always. It is a delight to see the students working hard and enjoying it at the same time. I am so glad the weather has been warmer than last year and less rain. I am also glad all of the students are behaving, I really didn't want to drive out to South Dakota at this time!! Keep up the great work!
Thur., May 18 PP Student Went on the field trip in 2003. This is awesome!! I look at it now and I wish I were back there, I remember what a blast I had! This is a great idea it helps me keep in touch with what everyone is doing! Keep up the good work guys!! -- Cassandra Klimek