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Monday, May 16 Parent This is a really cool Idea {Providing it works} that we would be able to communicate with you guys on the go!  I don't know what's all involved with this website Like pics or anything.  Tell Teresa were thinking about her and we hope she's having fun. Note from Pam: Thanks for being the first one to write feedback! I've added some instructions to the front page of the site. I hope you'll enjoy the site. Read the feedback and journals from last year to get an idea of how much the site grows as the trip progresses! Monday photos are available in the Daily Journals - Monday links.
Tuesday, May 17 Parent Heard about this site via one of the few bits of information Dannielle remembered to bring home during the process of preparing for the trip. The pictures are great.  I hope to read and see more about what the students are doing in the days ahead.  Miss you already Danni!!  Hope you have some great weather the next couple of days...and remember to take some pictures of the sites and your friends!  Love, Mom
  Grandparent I think it is wonderful. We miss Mysti S. already and she has only been gone 1 day. What a wonderful experience this is for the students. God Bless all of you who has made it happen for them. - Nana
  Family Member This is really great....they can run...but they can't hide :-)  Message for Misty S: Homebrook missed you today...had to do it all by myself: (Love and have tons of fun....Nancy )
  Parent I heard about this at the Informational meeting by Mrs. Schoeneck. No suggestions for the website, other than it is something to be proud of... terrific job! My comment to the group of individuals/departments who make this event a possibility should be commended (especially Mrs. Schoeneck).  These children are extremely fortunate to be able to participate in an educational, and socially forming experience such as this.  My only hope, with all of the cutbacks in educational offerings, is that it continues to be a possibility for children entering into the 8th grade.
THANK YOU!!!! Oh, and now that I can see I can say "HI" to the kids.... HIIIIIIII!  Wish I could be with you; I know I would have had a blast!  Stephi  (love to Tony =-)  ).
  PP Student Hi Tony!  I hope you are having a great time with Byron and your class.  I wish I could be there.  How was the bus ride? I will see you on Friday! Have lots of fun everyone. -Katie L.
  PP Student HEY EVERYONE MAN ITS SO NOT FUN WHEN U GUYS ARE GONE our hallway is silent without u guys here hope its awesome down there cause its dumb up here - Chuck B.
  Parent Hi, Megan A.!  Bet you're having too much fun to be homesick, but we sure miss you!  Hope the weather is cooperating during all your activities.  If it's been raining, hope your tent is holding up.  I'm sure you'll have many interesting stories to tell us when you get home.  Love from Mom, Dad, & Danny.
May 18
PP Student Jessica M, Stacy D, Jackie & Cory D.
It is so bare here guys I cant wait tell u guys get back I hope ur not havin to much fun w/o me haha j/k but anyway have fun & I miss u guys cant wait till u get back but anyway I g2g so Ill write again I luv u guys - luv Britt
  Parent Hi Guys,  I think its awesome that we can follow along on your adventure.  The website is a great addition to the trip.  I hope everyone knows how lucky they are to be going on a trip like this--I wish we would have gotten to go on some adventures way back in the dark ages when I was in school.  It looks like your learning alot and having a great time.  Hi to Jason M., I miss you and Squirt is wondering where you are... she's lonesome without her buddy.  Dad and Mandi said to say Hi too.  Spent last night at the Fielder's--holding babies.  Olivia and Colton are adorable. Hope your having a great time.  Love, Mom 
  Parent Thanks for the great photos and journal entries so far. We miss you but it's great to see  how much fun you are having! Erica, good to know you are getting plenty to eat and trying new foods (dirt?) Guess we won't have to worry about cooking any fancy foods for ya when you get back!  The halls are too quiet without all of you. See you soon!
  PP Student cool i guess i mean i go to this school so i guess i better say good/fair.. - Jessica
  PP Teacher or Staff Good Idea! Hey 8'th Graders--  Hope the weather is holding for you.  It has rained last night and most of the morning.  To the softball girls--The B squad + 7'th graders lost to Verndale by 2 yesterday.  It came down to the last hit of the game --we were up to bat with 2 outs and 2 runners on.  Monica hit a shot to left, and the left fielder made a running, backhand stab at the ball and caught it.  If she would have not gotten to it, Monica would have had a home run and we would have won the game. Fun! Enjoy the rest of the week. - Jayne Arvidson
  PP Student Hey hows it going everybody? having fun? i saw the pictures must be fun..LOL... so yeah well have fun there cause schools really really boring and all but thank goodness only a couple more days RIGHT? well all of us here is praying it goes by faster then we can see straight. well right now the school is bare as can be cause you guys left but NOW its quite down more so thats allways good.. yeah we like to make fun of you 8th graders. - Courtney
  PP Student Went on the trip last year. Hey Alayna, Nancy, Sam, Ayla, & Erica! We lost yesterday 10-12(tuesday). We play Menahga tomorow. Well I hope you all are having a good time in South Dakota! The halls are just to quite with out you! Miss you all! BYE!!!!!!~Megan W.~
  PP Teacher or Staff Pictures and the journal for Monday were wonderful!!  Keep up the great work, and we will keep hoping that you have warm weather and sunshine! - C J. Wenker
  Parent Hi, It's great to see the photos! It would be nice to see the other kids, too.  Where's Matt, don't be shy! We miss you, but I know you're having lots of fun. Hope the weather is better.  Love, Mom.
  Parent Heard about from the materials and word of mouth (Thank you Mrs. Schoeneck).
I am absolutely thrilled to be able to participate with you all through this web site. The pictures are wonderful and the journal entries helped us to "see" and enjoy the trip with you.  Even though you are MILES away, you are still here with us. Ashley R. miss you and hope that you are learning alot as well as having fun.  See you Friday.  Keep up the good work on the website.
  Other Kathy, we wanted you to know that we enjoyed your tacos in a bag tonight.  Hope all is well.  Beth, Kayla, Jessica, Ryan S., Dan M., Morgan, Jacob, Jacki, and of course Brittany too!  See you soon! - Friends of Kathy J.
  Parents Heard about at the informational meeting-great idea!
Hi Jenny! Gee the house is quieter!! But we sure do miss you! Hope you are having a great time! Josh says he loves you! Steph says she misses you alot too. Say hi to John, Kathy, the Megan's (both of them), Sam, Mandy and Katelyn. See you on Friday-don't forget to take some great sightseeing pictures,ok! Love,Mom, Dad, Stephi and Josh
  Other Hey Erica.  Looks like a fantastic trip.  We are following your every move with this great website!  I can see there are some geologists in the making.  A few lessons from the field: 1.  silt tastes gritty and clay tastes smooth 2.  gypsum in windcave tastes salty 3.  don't eat the mule deer Wish I could be there.  Mike  
  Parent My wonderful son told me about it. I tried to send a message off yesterday but the computer wasn't responding like it should. My computer guy is on the trip. The web site is great. I love to look at the pictures and see the kids have such a good time. I sure hope they keep having this trip. I think it is good for the kids and also for the parents that are along. Hi to all the kids and grownups. Hi to my special guy (Byron) I love and miss you very much. Rascal thinks its heaven that you are not here to tease him, but I am sure he will be glad to see you again. I know I will. Logan and Dad say Hi too. Hope you are having a great time. Say Hi to Tony for me. Check the minutes on your calling card. Dad said they charge you 15 minutes to connect up from a pay phone when you call. I think you should just use the 877#. Take care all you. Have a safe and fun rest of the trip. Love Mom XO XO XO XO  One for Tony XO Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, May 19 PP Student i like this web site, i know a lot of kids in 8th grade. my cousin Tiffany Springer is on this trip. have fun all of  ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your friend, Kayla K
  PP Student my teacher told me to go on the website and here i am. i like this website because i know alot of people like tomas stacy and westy. always, krista mitchell
  Other Family Member It's cool and I like to check on my bro so as long as i know he's haveing a great time i love this site. Bethany W.
  PP Student Hey Erica, nice pictures on the Web Site ur dad has been making us go on this web site
thoughts: this website is cool but kinda boring for us, lol. how is the trip? sounds like a lot of fun. >From your coolest friends
  PP Student whats up andrew how is the trip, josh m.
  PP Student hello friends this is chuck and shannon writeing and we just wanted you to know that THIS IS SO BORING WITHOUT YOU GUYS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASEY ( couple of days late) hi collin, pollins, casey, BJ and everyone that we hang out with i hope your having a blast because we are so DEPRESSED did you know that! with love from shannon and chuck
( kendra supervised!)
  Parent The pictures are great...but is Thomas doing anything BESIDES posing???  Just kidding.  It looks like you guys had some excellent weather yesterday and should be having great weather today as well.  Miss you. - Dee aka Danni's mom.
  Parent Hi, It looks like you guys are having a great time.  It sure would be nice to see pictures of some of the other kids!!!  A special thank you goes out to Mrs. Schoneck and her helpers from the U of M - you are giving our kids a excellent opportunity.
  Parent Message to Tony L: Ace and Bandit are growing each day!  Ace is prettier with a more yellow tinge than before, and I have been holding them so Bandit starts behaving better.
We miss you! -- Mom, Dad, Katie, Sung Hoe, Lady, Tramp, Cash, Spit, Orion, Garfield, Midnight, Pax, and Ace & Bandit
  Parent I just had an opportunity today to check the website and it is great to see the progress of the trip.  Hi to everyone. A message to Jake D. and Troy we miss you at home, Will says he is very lonely and is hoping you get home soon. Will asked Faith if she realized her other brother would be home soon!
  Parent Hello Zach Z  Do all your math on the bus, We all miss you! The daycare thinks i kicked you out... See you tommorrow with pizza in hand.!!!!! Say Hi to Collin H. For me PLEASE!!!Hey you kid--hope you enjoyed yourself.  Now that you have had your fun it will be time to go to work when you get back.  See you Sat Maggie keeps asking where you are so she misses you too. Janine P.S. say Hi to Sam and Nancy from Maggie and Me.
  PP Student To: Tony L.; Byron H.; Danielle Z: I read the journals! They're great. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun. I wish I could be there! I can't wait to see you on Friday again, Tony! Say hi to Mrs. Schoeneck and tell her I want her back - it's boring without her!
Your sister and friend.
  Other Family Member It looks like you all are having a great trip so far! Mike and I took a similar trip a few years back and really enjoyed the geology of the Black Hills. We made a stop at Wind Cave too and thought it was really neat.  We're heading to Yosemite this weekend to so some camping and hiking.  Hopefully your trip will encourage you all to keep exploring, there are a lot of really great things to see out there! Anna
  PP Student hey guys i hope your having! to bad i cant say the same i just want to send some love HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASEY (a lil late!) but any ways hey everybody casey collin pollins and everybody else comeback soon im going insane with out your guys! yeah....well i hope these latest days go fast for me a least well.. ill check you later

To my dearest 8th gradas!! - Heyhey u guys! Ooo mannn....i miss u guys soo much!! Its no fun here without any of ya!!! mann im gonna cry!! Just to let ya know! U guys are sure missed back here!! It looks like u are havin a blast and whew i wish i could be there with ya'alls!! Haha! raise up!!! Haha! Mann!! What can i say i love all of u guys!!! Hey erica! Haha hows the silt??? Yummy huh!?:p hahaha! Well i hope u guys enjoy the rest of your trip! And heyhey!! Get ready for the springs! Its a bawl!! Haha! I love u all sooooo much! Keep safe my homies!! Love always!!! You buuday! Dani! P.s.!! Mrs.schoeneck! U da bomb babay!!I love ya!! Haha!
--Dani A.K.A SawDBUStA!!