Journal for Thursday, May 20
Boxwork at Wind Cave
Boxwork at Wind Cave
Understanding Hydrology
Sarah Helps Us Understand Hydrology
Cave Entrance
Claire by the Cave Entrance
Fossil Mold
Fossil Mold
Kellen Salute
Kellen Salute
Geology Institute
Neil at the Geology Institute
Dino Lunch
Dino Lunch? - Jake, Eric, and Chris
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse
Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore
Group at Rushmore
Group at Mt. Rushmore
Garnet Hunting
Looking for Garnets
boy laying down
Finally at Our Level
SD Rainbow

What an experience for these students!

You can tell they appreciate all the effort that has gone into this trip, just read what the kids have written below in their Thursday's journal!


Thursday Journal
Sam L., Sam R., Kristina K., Brittany S., Claire S., Dawn T., Nicki W.

Today, May 20th, 2004 we woke up, ate breakfast, and loaded up the bus, then hauled off to Wind Cave National Park. We met our tour guides then we split up and learned about how the rain water gets into the cave and the things that affect it. We also learned that it is the sixth longest cave in the world. They have researched it and think they have only discovered 5%, which is 111 miles long.

In the cave we learned about boxwork, which is limestone that dissolved and left it’s outside/shell. It looks like honeycomb/inside of a pumpkin. Wind Cave has more boxwork than all of the caves in the world put together.

Then we loaded the buses and had our lunch. While we were eating, we were on our way to The Black Hills Geology Institute. There we met Neil Larson, who is one of the brothers that found “ Sue,” which is the most complete T-Rex in the world. They own three T-Rexes that are also in the top completion of the world.

Then we had to do some observing of their collection of fossils. We also got to see a live mold being made for a dinosaur.

From there we went to Mt. Rushmore to see the heads of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln. We saw some wild mountain goats there.

We then headed out for an old mineral mining place. There we looked at rocks and minerals. Some of us collected some to take home.

These last four days, our class has worked together, and we have gotten to know each other very well. We owe it all to Mrs. Schoeneck and Peter! This never would’ve happened if it weren’t for them. So thanks for everything!


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