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Loading in Morris
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Meeting up at Morris
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Boys Ready for the Trip

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Journaling at the Gulch

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Monday Journal
(Entry from the first group)
By: Tom C., Nick H., Cody R., Nathan W., Kellen N., Dan K., Jake H.

We got there at 6:15 A.M. and everyone was wearing blaze orange. We loaded the buses and took off. When we arrived at Lake Benton we saw lots of wind generators. They were 223 feet tall and the blades were 70-80 feet long and made of fiberglass. The generators could power 250 homes each. They wouldn’t be blown over even by 180 mile per hour winds because they were anchored by 400 tons of cement 20 feet deep which the tower was bolted to.

Second place we stopped at was Pipestone. There were mountains of layered rock and a lot of it was cracked. We saw the Oracle which was a face naturally carved into the rock. The rock used to be sandstone in a beach environment, but now it is quartzite. Inside the visitation center there was a man carving the Pipestone. They had all kinds of Pipestone including peace pipes and necklaces.

At Devil’s Gulch we saw a big gorge. It was formed by water cutting away rock. The outlaw Jesse James jumped his horse over the gorge to escape the posse. There was a waterfall at Devil’s Gulch because the water is powerful enough to break away the rock over a long time. It was a beautiful site.

We stopped at Mitchell KOA to camp. We set up our tents and checked out the place. Then we had spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread for supper.

(Entry from the second group)
by: Nick W., Josh C., Eric M., Chris D., Dan H., Joey J.

Today we ventured to the Buffalo Ridge Wind generators, Pipestone National Monument, and Devil’s Gulch. The highest wind generators were 223 feet high, with 70 foot long blades. They need 8 m.p.h. winds to work. Power from these generators go to a 5 state region.

At Pipestone National Monument we saw a sacred quarry for the Native Americans. The waterfall was cool. We saw a girl that was carved from the pipestone. She was pretty cool. There was strange black stuff on some of the rocks outside.

Then we went to Devil’s Gulch. This is the place where Jesse James jumped over the gulch. The water is supposed to be bottomless. Then we saw a small waterfall with lots of foam.

It was a fun day.

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