Journal for Friday, May 21

Friday Sandwich Crew

Taking Down Tents for the Last Time

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Card Game on the Bus

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Last Hugs in Morris

Camp Mom & Dad: Mrs. S. and Lee

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Friday Journal
Chris B, Andrew M, Andrew Mc, Tim H, Mike W, Tony N, Bobby S

The whole week to us was a great learning experience. We learned and had fun at the same time, which made the trip fun.

Every day we went to a new place and learned a lot of stuff with geology and ecology. We got to have fun when we got back to camp and could just hang out.

We got to go swimming to get a little break and everyone that went had an awesome time.

Some of the learning experiences we had were when we went to Pipestone National Monument, Devils Gulch, Mammoth Site, Badlands National Park, and Black Hills Geology Research Institute.

We had such a great time and our class is closer than they have ever been before. We hope that every class to come can experience the awesome time that our class experienced.

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