Journal for Wednesday, May 14

Cory Potato Chip Duck Bill
Cory, the Duck Billed

Submitted by:
Wade W., Dustin N., Lee H., Cory S. Tucker S., Evan A., Alex J-M, Ulysses N., Spencer C., Ray S., Tami G.

Today we went agate hunting at Buffalo Gap. We found many types of rocks, like cherts, agates, quartz, petrified wood, and horn coral. The agates had many colored rings, were smooth, shiny, and could have sharp edges. Some people stepped on prickly pear cactus. We climbed up steep hills to collect rocks and to have a little fun. For fun, on the way down instead of walking, people slid. Then we left the Badlands and went swimming in a place called Cascade Falls, which is a hot spring. The water was somewhat warm, about 60 degrees. Then we headed to the Dairy Queen for an afternoon snack. After that we went to the KOA campgrounds and prepared supper. For supper we had tacos, beans, carrots, and fruit.

On our trips today we saw many animals. We saw many mule deer, wild turkeys, turkey vultures, rabbits, antelope, and three buffalo. There also was a warning about snakes but we did not see any. The KOA was A-OK!!!!

Poisonous Snakes Sign
 Snakes Sign
Alisha and Erin hunt for agates
Alisha B & Erin B
Hunt for Agates and
Fossils at Buffalo Ridge
Sam H. with Agates
Sam H. With a
Handful of Agates!
Showing off petrified wood samples
Zach M, Taylor E,
& Spencer T:
Showing Off Their
Petrified Wood Samples
Setting Up Camp at Hot Springs
Setting up Camp at the
Hot Springs KOA
Cascade Falls swimming
 Kids in the Water

 Faraway view of sliding hill
The Sliding Hill

sliding at Buffalo Gap
Sliding Down the Hill 
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Journaling Team!

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