Journal for Tuesday, May 13

Devils Gulch
Devil's Gulch -the Gulch
WhereJesse James Supposedly
Jumped His Horse
Submitted by:
Laura P., Eric T., Deanna K., Brett G., Jake R., Zach M.

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For breakfast we had a variety of cereal. Then we traveled to Devil's Gulch and walked the nature trail. After we got done at Devil's Gulch we drove to the Missouri River Overlook. We then had lunch and walked the trails there. When we got done we were waiting for one of our buses and two leaders to get back from grocery shopping (Peter and Mrs. Schoeneck's note: We had over six carts full of groceries. These kids don't stop eating!) and the library took them about two hours. Then we loaded the supplies and headed for the big Badlands. When we got to the Badlands National Park we made several stops to look at the different rock formations. To finish the day we traveled four miles to our KOA. There is a lot of room and there is a mini-golf course.

Seeing the water fall at Devil's Gulch was cool. We got to see where Jesse James supposedly jumped across the gulch and got away from the posse. We got to walk over the bridge and look around at how deep it was and the terrain.

We stopped at a prairie dog town. It was neat to let prairie dogs come and eat from their hands. You can tell this is the time of year they have their babies as when the mom's stood up you could tell their little ones had been suckling the milk.

We were able to see the different colors in the rock at Badlands National Park. We got to walk on the boardwalk and climb around the rocks. The Badlands formed from the bottom of the river - they are basically sediment that formed on the bottom of the river. They formed hills when rain washed into the rocks and made openings. After a long time it eroded the hills. After a good season of rain a foot of rock can be eroded from the hard sediments.

Great job!
Your jounal is WOW!

Stuart R and Lee at Badlands
Stuart R. and Lee
at the Badlands
Waterfall at Devils Gulch
Waterfall at Devil's Gulch
on Split Rock River
Prairie Dog Peeking
Prairie Dog Peeking
from its Burrow
Laura Brittancy Cassandra at Badlands
Lauara P., Brittany B., &
Cassandra K. - at Badlands
Campfire and Supper
Evening Campfire
and Supper
Journaling at the Badlands
Journaling at the Badlands

Yusef likes the beans
Yusef (UMM student)
enjoying the good beans!

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