Journal for Monday, May 12

Loading Bus
Loading buses in the morning

Submitted by:
Lisa D., Brittany B., Taylor E., Mikey H., Samantha H.,
Tom J., Samantha K., Ashley M, Matt R, Stuart R, Eric T, Kayla T, Ashley V, Sasha W.

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Our first stop of the trip was to the Buffalo Ridge, Lake Benton Wind Energy. The place had what they called wind turbines. The generators are called "necells". One windmill took up a tenth of an acre and they spread all over the land. We were driving through Lake Benton and they were all around us, no matter where we looked. If the wind is under 8mph or over 65 mph they won't spin.

Our next stop was at Pipestone National Monument. The park was filled with piles of quarry rock which is what we normally call quartzite. Some of the lucky ones got to see 3 deer. All of us saw plenty of wildlife there. There was a river winding through the pathway. We took at least 10 observations, some took more. (Mrs. Schoeneck's note: Jake took over 40 observations!) There were fascinating rocks and cliffs.

Next we went to Blue Mounds State Park. This place is famous for the "wall". The wall is a wall of rock facing east and west. It was said to be made by man but they are still not sure. It was about 1 foot high and 1235 feet long. We saw prickly pear cactus.

The last stop of the day we went to Palisades State Park. We are camping here for the night. Today we had A LOT of fun and we learned a lot.

We had spaghetti that was prepared by the great superintendent of ours. We are having great fun. See you in 4 days.

Tom J on Swings
Tom J. on swings at
Hole in the Mountain Park
Stuffing the Bus
Stuffing in the
last ofthe luggage

Observations on Pipestone Trail
Peter doing observations
with students on Pipestone Trail
Yusef in Bus Hold
Yusef (UMM student)
in the bus hold

Ian C writing observations
Ian C. writing observations
Wind Turbine Tower
Kids by the wind turbine
tower, Lake Benton
Setting up Tents
Setting up Camp
Pipestone Creek
Pipestone Creek

Wonderful photos!
Great work, Kids!

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